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Position Job Description Requirements
Market Development Manager

    The Market Development Manager is a sales driven role, managing an assigned market and/or product group. The role is devoted to grow business against competition through a holistic 4P strategy (product, place, price & promotion). Market Development Manager is required to stay connected to the market either by frequent traveling or on an expatriate assignment. The last but not the least, he/she is expected to come with an open mind, and to live and work as a true global citizen in the dynamic IT business environment.

  1. Study and analyze the market competition, define the opportunity, propose product positioning to decide business strategy together with line manager
  2. Understand our product portfolio and roadmap from the headquarters; select the right product & SKU for the assigned market
  3. Set up the right pricing strategy for each product line to maximize market share and profit
  4. Decide go-to-market channel strategy and channel program to maximize sales quantity & profit
  5. Co-work with marketing team to plan marketing strategy and activities to raise brand position and preference
  6. Based on the understanding of the assigned market, provide accurate sales forecast to headquarters
  7. Monitor sell-in, sell-out, final inventory status and modify the order and forecast and ensure healthy supply status in the market
  8. Manage quarterly business simulations including revenue, costs, expenses, and profit
  9. Decide and set up the service policy for the responsible product line; monitor service satisfaction level with optimized cost
  1. Passion on information technology industry and products
  2. Positive and proactive attitudes; ambitious and goal-oriented
  3. Strategic thinking and solid in execution
  4. Proficiency in English
Global Technical Service Engineer

    Global Technical Service Engineer is responsible for global technical service and support. It provides technical support for customers and repair centers with professional knowledge. The job function includes product technical support and technical implementation related to all customer service.

    Key Responsibilities:

  1. Manage and define test program processes and procedures to all regions repair center technicians
  2. Set up test program criteria and documentation of the specifications; coordinate with hardware and software RD engineers to develop diagnostic test programs for repair center usage
  3. Assist each country’s repair center technicians and coordinate with local teams for technical support; on-site support training or debugging is necessary for skill improvement
  4. Set up the KPI dashboard to monitor the repair quality of all regions repair centers
  5. Automate the repair system operation, make it more intelligent; reduce unnecessary repair steps and increase efficiency of the system processes to increase revenue
  1. EE or System architecture relative background
  2. Understanding of x86 architecture in PC products
  3. Positive thinking, proactive and strong in execution
  4. Good at teamwork and communication
  5. Proficiency in English and Chinese


項目 學校 形式 時間 地點
1 台灣大學 校園徵才 2019/3/09 (六) 09:30~16:30 蒲葵道(土木工程館前)-274~277攤位
GTP說明會 2019/3/15 (五) 13:20~14:20 蘇格拉底廳
2 成功大學 校園徵才 2019/3/10 (日) 10:00~15:00 中正堂-70、71、72攤位
GTP說明會 2019/3/09 (六) 18:00~18:50 光復校區國際會議廳
3 交通大學 校園徵才 2019/3/10 (日) 10:00~16:00 綜合一館B1-56、70攤位
GTP說明會 2019/3/12 (二) 13:20~14:10 浩然圖書館
4 政治大學 校園徵才 2019/3/22 (五) 10:00~17:00 四維堂-B4、B5攤位
GTP說明會 2019/3/07 (四) 18:30~19:30 商學院玉山國際會議廳
5 台灣科技大學 校園徵才 2019/3/15 (五) 10:00~16:00 排球場-226、227攤位
6 清華大學 校園徵才 2019/3/16 (六) 10:00~16:00 物理館前-C01、C02攤位
7 電腦公會 GTP說明會 2019/3/15 (五) 12:30~16:00 清華大學-蒙民偉樓102教室
8 僑生徵才 媒合會 2019/3/15 (五) 13:00~17:30 台北國際會議中心201室
9 ITI外貿協會 媒合會 2019/3/19 (二) 11:30~18:00 ITI外貿協會(新竹校區)
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